When You Doubt Yourself

when-you-doubt-yourselfThere are times when I just want to give up. I just feel drained.Read More »


Why I Love Captain America: Civil War *In Which I Flail About Bucky*

why-i-love-captain-america_-civil-warToday, I’m here to flail my Marvel side. *squeals* I love about anything Marvel.

Last Saturday, I got the chance to watch Captain America: Civil War for the second time. It was fantastic since it was too long since I’d scene it in theaters. I think it was even better seeing it the second. I flailed. I squealed. I screamed. And I flailed to Katie during at least half of this movie (It was AWESOME!).Read More »

God, our Friend

god-our-friendFriendship. We were made for friendship. “Why would you think that?” you may be thinking. Well, when Adam was lonely, God made Eve. That wasn’t because Adam was imperfect. At that time, the world was perfect. Nothing was imperfect. So God made Eve for a different reason, and that was friendship. Adam was made for friendship. He needed it. And so are we. We are made for friendship.Read More »