Seven of My Favorite Manga (or Manhwa)

sevenofmyfavoritemangaormanhwaFor those of you who have read my lastest “Monthly High Points” posts, you’ve probably come to the realization that I have a new obsession. Manga (Japanese comic books). Or manhwa (Korean comic books).Read More »


Why I Love Captain America: Civil War *In Which I Flail About Bucky*

why-i-love-captain-america_-civil-warToday, I’m here to flail my Marvel side. *squeals* I love about anything Marvel.

Last Saturday, I got the chance to watch Captain America: Civil War for the second time. It was fantastic since it was too long since I’d scene it in theaters. I think it was even better seeing it the second. I flailed. I squealed. I screamed. And I flailed to Katie during at least half of this movie (It was AWESOME!).Read More »